Nikki Britton - Nikki Britton is Romaticide

Nikki Britton - Nikki Britton is Romaticide

Forum II

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Once upon a time there was a young woman who fell madly in love with a prince and they lived happily ever after.

This is not that story... This story will be f*cking hilarious.

****1/2 "well-written, with a stellar combination of pathos, silliness and observational humour...Highly Recommended!" - Herald Sun

"It's a breathlessly energetic force-of-nature performance that sweeps up all in her path." - Chortle

Duration: 55 Minutes

Please note:
The Forum is a licensed venue. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and will be premitted entirely at the venue's discretion. This venue is not wheelchair accessible.
Contains frequent coarse language and adult elements. Suggested for ages 18+

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