Jennifer Wong - How to English Harder

Jennifer Wong - How to English Harder

Forum II

From Apr 11th 2017 to Apr 23rd 2017 BUY TICKETS

Comedian Jennifer Wong mashes up a Learn English cassette tape with stand-up comedy in a brand new show for anyone who's ever been lost for words. Don't miss this officially unaccredited course: two weeks only! [Language warning: English]

"The super likable star of ABC's Bookish is a low-key delight… perhaps Sydney’s most polite comedian, she’s also one of its funniest." The Guardian

Duration: 50 Minutes

To purchase a Laugh Pack please call 1300 66 00 13.

Please note:

The Forum is a licensed venue. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and will be premitted entirely at the venue's discretion.
This venue is not wheelchair accessible.
Contains occasional coarse language and adult elements.
Suggested for ages 16+

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